There is no pretense of grandiosity in my work. I just try to have fun and offer a little insight through snapshots and musings on the perfectly ordinary sights that scroll through my days. I relish the pictures that are so easy to miss - like a sun-accented figure in a plowed mound of melting snow, or skewed focus on a section of discarded ductwork that begs for a cheeky title. It's all a measure of serendipity and whimsy. Hopefully, there is a mood, texture, pun or story to be savored in each.

Art has always been a spiritual guide, including a few years immersed in clay. At inspired bursts in my life and travels I've picked up my camera to shoot what appealed to me. Naturally, I've photographed the spectrum of people to landscapes, but I especially seek that fulfilling moment when I actually "see" an image. Please have fun exploring the meaning of my titles in the context of what you see, remember and imagine. I try to stay in reality, but there are no guarantees. However, these digital images are, for the most part, minimally edited for sharpness, exposure and saturation in the spirit of the darkroom.


Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Curiosity in the Mundane Solo Exhibition: September 1 - November 2012
Curiosity in the Mundane Solo Exhibition: Georgia Perimeter College, January - March, 2013


Forthcoming book of my images not yet titled, 2013

Terry Cloth book by Monique Combes, Schiffer Books, 2012: over 400 images of fabrics and patterns

Voice of the River Valley, January 2013, cover image

Cameracraft Magazine, Volume 2, December 2012


All images are available at reasonable prices with archival inks and paper. I can print up to 13" x 19" paper, and arrange to have larger sizes printed, with matting and framing if desired. Base prices for prints are below. Please contact me through if you would like to make a comment or inquire about a purchase.

8.5" x 11" $350.00

11" x 17" $500.00

13" x 19" $600.00